NameServers (DNS)

You can order an SSL certificate for a domain, even if the domain is hosted elsewhere or registered with another registrar.
You are not required to transfer or host a domain with us to purchase.

To use SSL4Secure, ensure your authoritative DNS servers, or nameservers have been changed. These are your assigned SSL4Secure nameservers.

You need to point your NameServers to SSL4Secure. To do this you would have to log into your domain registrar account, find the setting to change the NameServer.

Delete the existing entries, and add the DNS that SSL4Secure provided.

Change your domain’s nameservers (DNS) to the ones provided by SSL4Secure.

The configuration will take a few minutes to go through. Once done, you can then open any page on your website, and it will open on HTTPS.

All standard SSL certificates sold by SSL4Secure are valid for at least one year from their issue date. 60 days before the certificate expires you will begin receiving renewal notices.